Big wierd problem woth my DVD


I had a dvd of ProSound… “german” dvd made in china, any way, this dvd was serve me quite well untill latly, i saw somting strange on the DVD disc… on the back of the disc there was round scratchs all over the CD made the DVD… i buy only ORIGINAL dvd movie’s and that DVD of pro sound made a big Damage, of 150$ worth the movies…

  1. If i use the damaged discs on the new dvd of pioneer (DV 393 S)
    will it ruin the new dvd and make the pioneer scratch the other discs?
  2. Why this is happenig?? there is any explanation for this damn behavior of the prosound DVD?
  3. The DVD of pioneer DV 393-S is a good model?
  4. this is recomended to use this disc that pretend to clean the lens? this disc with the small brush on it and the wierd liquid attech to it?

By the way, this is an image of my disc, this disc consider to be “Not really scratched”… its up for you to decied…