Big trouble with my lg 8525b

Hi all!

I was updating my LG 8525B firmware (what a nonsense!) when my system get down.
Now, my computer doesn´t detect the copier, even during the boot.
I´ve tried with Lg firmware updater but It ask for the copier and the system does not detect it, so I need another software like Mtkflash, which write to the IDE channel.
But I have a new problem because MTKflash needs the .hex or .bin file and I don´t know where to take it.

Were can I find the Hex or Bin file of the firmware?
What I can do?

Thanks a lot!

Hi folks!

I´ve returned to life my cd burner.

I´ve found the hex file extracting it from the LG 8525b firmware updater file(mouse right button and extract).

Then I write it in the cd burner with mtkwinflash 1.5.3. I use it as secondary slave.

Now it´s again right!!!

Thanks for posting the solution!

I’m helping a guy @ CD-R Labs solve this very same issue.

Thanks again!

I downloaded the posted LG8525B firmware update, and extracted the files to my desktop. I ran the Flash util to check my firmware version, and it didn’t give me enough info, so I clicked the “X” to close the program… At that point it decided to start flashing my firmware, then it locked up and killed my drive. If any IDE cable is plugged into the drive, the computer will NOT boot. It’s totally screwed… Maybe look into this problem and prevent it from happening to others… I never clicked update, yet it tried to anyway…

Think this thing can be RMA?

I have the same proble. Mtkflash tells me that IDE inacessible. And the led from hard disk is yellow all the time. Mtkflash tells me to restart to enable the IDE but nothing happens.

I have the same model GCE 8525B and I tried to update to 1.03 firmware and it fails…

Thanks for the answer in advance…

please let me contact to some place where i can download a *.bin file with bios to LG GCE-8525b. It’s very important for for me.I’ll be very happy.Thanks 4all!!!

my mail:

please link to working .bin or .hex for it I need it as well

Hello, I have a problem with my LG 8525 B CR-RW. When I was updating my LG 8525B firmware, my system shut down. After, my computer didn´t detect the CR-RW. I tried to detect it severel times in Windows and Bios but my CR-RW didn’t found. Because WinXP doesn’t detect CR-RW, I cannot update Fireware again. Now, I cannot see my CR-RW in WinXP. How can I detect my CR-RW and reinstall its bios again. Thanks for helps.

You must re-flash the drive as already explained. MTK WinFlash or mtkflash in DOS.

Firmware update killed GCE 8525B
mtkflash don`t work. Help!!

Contact LG! They provided the firmware.