Big trouble for users of Evidence Eliminator with pirate keys?

I just posted the article Big trouble for users of Evidence Eliminator with pirate keys?.

Interceptor submitted this strange news to us… or shall we call it a hoax? Please read on and be confused…

Your IP address of has been logged.

But we won’t…

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Hey - Anyone got a working Keygen for this program? If so I think it would be very amusing to post a link to it on this site. I know we dont post links but this company is just asking us to do it. It cant be illegal to post links to a company that claims no such link exists. What’re they gonna do? Sue for linking to a ghost? :slight_smile:

sorry, you know the rules Here you go ! Just giving what someone asked.

What I’d like to know is, what is the mysterious 4th option that they promised me? They only give 3! And I didn’t know I could go to jail because my boss would find out I download porn in my lunch breaks! Oh my GOD! :slight_smile:

Come on folks let’s get real! This is either a hoax or the company (Robin Hood Software Ltd) is incredibly stupid to distribute this kind of information or engage in scare tactics of this nature. Think about it… Companies significantly larger (e.g., Micro$oft, Adobe and the like) with greater wherewithal, influence and much higher rates of pirated software, do not even engage in this sort of tactics. Here’s another thought… Robin Hood’s website <> claims that Evidence Eliminator (EE) is “the world’s #1 PC security utility.” Well, if that claim is true, why is there ‘No Evidence’ on the site of other prominent software companies or customers using their software. With the ton of marketing information at their site, don’t you think they would be touting the big customers using their software? Hmmm? Anyway, I have tried the trial version of EE on my Win98 and 2000 boxes and found that this piece of software is not worth its price tag of $149.95. Most notably, I found that it made both of my systems sluggish and my Recycle Bins to respond erratically. My advise is to stay clear of EE and use another less expensive or freeware piece of software. Lastly, if EE is so great as Robin Hood claims, why would they find necessary to devote a webpage <;> to defending attacks against EE or so-called “dis-information” about the product? There you have it… My two cents about this post. Peace!

I’m afraid this is not a hoax and that the company is incredibly stupid. Just read their page for a few minutes and you’l notice what a bunch of assholes they are. Scaring ppl, just to let ‘em buy a piece of software not worth it’s price. They even got my IP number wrong. Fuckin’ American Assholes…

See I told you so, if I post it will never be a hoax, you have my word on that. It happened to my while I was on the net lastnight, so I only use it when off-line, it seems to send info to them whether you have a firewall or not:( hmm it has even deleted all the cookies I told it too save :frowning: fuck the lame asses

sorry, you know the rules
Didn’t mean to This was not to break the rules, but to make it clear that they LIE ! It is just so moronnic to do something like the makers of EE have done.

That site is so gay and not everything’s true… Including cnn news that they linked to… which was another different thing about privacy. stupid shitty program This company is UK-based and whois info also shows the same thing Registrant: Evidence Eliminator (EVIDENCE-ELIMINATOR-DOM) 181 Queen Victoria st London, London ec4v 4dz UK Domain Name: EVIDENCE-ELIMINATOR.COM Administrative Contact, Billing Contact: Drage, Richard (RDF475) domains@PROWEB.NET Proweb Uk Ltd 16 Mansfield Rd Daybrook Square Daybrook Nottingham, Notts NG5 6AA UK 0115 9118438 115 9118413 Technical Contact: Corporate Support (PIP-NOC) support@UK.UU.NET UUNET UK (PIPEX) Internet House 332 Science Park Cambridge Cambridgeshire UK +44 (0)1223 250122 Fax- +44 (0)1223 250133 Record last updated on 26-Apr-2001. Record expires on 23-Aug-2001. Record created on 23-Aug-1999. Database last updated on 13-Jun-2001 04:59:00 EDT. Domain servers in listed order: NS0-E.DNS.PIPEX.NET NS1-E.DNS.PIPEX.NET

I thought they said their office is located at Robin hood???

I noticed there is no telephone number to this company, their 24/7 tech support is just a plain knowledge database program which doesn’t help you much. There’s totally no contact information at all besides the address. This is probably a fraud company that made a gay program to earn big money from innocent people.

Fuck them all!!! THEY not we will have big trouble if they continue to act like this. Hackers love to hack that kind of Web site and i hope that they will strike there ass as strong as possible!

INTERCEPTOR What is the name of the FireWall you are using ? No proggy should be able to connect out through any decent quality FireWall ! :wink:

By the way, I’d like to recommend the best personal firewall for all Windows-platform users out there. ZoneAlarm Pro v2.6 is the best… and it’s also highly recommended by Steve Gibson of BlackIce Defender is okay, but cannot compete with ZoneAlarm To use ZoneAlarm, it will be like turning a switch on or off so easy that you don’t need to know all these technical terms. If you find yourself in a critical situation, you can click on STOP button and all internet activity will be stopped. All mouse clicks, no need of your keyboard to get around things. =) That’s my personal experience with this firewall.

Okey all this talk about Evidence Eliminator being a big bastard of a piece of software to use about eliminating evidence of your comp, therefor what would you say is th best program to use to eliminate loads a evidence, coz i used to use this program and now i don’t wanna anymore after all this talk so some input would be nice. So therefore what is the best program to undertake the this task apart from Evidence Eliminator… … .

Okay White_Fase_Killa and others; here are some viable alternatives to EE. As many of you may know, deleting files only deletes the references to them. They are, in fact, still there on your HD and easily recoverable by anyone. “BCWipe for Windows” ($29.05) - is a nice program that will clear these files. <> “File2Dust” ($8.00) - Simple drag&drop operation. Works under MS-DOS & all flavors of Windows. <> If you use PGP, then there is a “Freespace Wipe” option under PGPtools. Norton Utilities includes a nice file wiping utility, “Norton WipeInfo”, that works very effectively. All the above utilities received “5 Stars” rating from ZDNet, if that matters. Other considerations: “Sure Delete” (Freeware) - <> “Eraser 5.1” (Freeware) - <> Bottomline folks, don’t believe the hype about EE!! It’s an intrusive piece of junk. :r

Any message containing “!!!” must be suspect…

eljay How do you recover deleted files???

BCWipe rocks, it does a good job, it intergrates itself into the windows Os. EE is now retired for good. I can delete my own temp internet file/history, and then run BCW on my main hard drive, problem solved, end of disucussion. Topic closed