Big-time trouble from my Lappy CDR/DVD Drive! Heeelp

Just re-formatted my laptop and restored the factory settings/software and now my CD-R/DVD combo drive (Matshita UJDA720) doesn’t recognize DVD’s. Worked fine before, but now it only recognizes CD’s. I bought the drive after the laptop so it didn’t come with my IBM Thinkpad R31. I don’t remember what I did to get it to recognize DVD’s before. IBM’s line is that it should be recognized by XP and no driver’s needed. Firmware is not updated, but it shouldn’t need to be. I’ve tried various DVD players, but the bottom line is that nothing shows up in Explorer when a DVD is in,so it acts like no disc is in regardless of the player. IBM had a proprietary player, Mediamatics DVD Player which used to work (I had to d/l it somewhere since it didn’t come standard with my originally non-DVD drive lappy). Any help would be appreciate. tia.


I have a Sony DVD±RW drive on my Dell Inspiron 6000 and I am facing a peculiar problem with it. It does not allow me to change the region code and so I cannot access dvds from other regions. What is the solution to this. Dell tells me that I have to change the drive and even when I do, I can change the region settings only 5 times.
Please help!!

Try anydvd