Big time burning-problems (I think)

A couple of days ago my 12x10x32 LiteOn burner worked fine…then one day I try to burn a bin&cue file with fireburner, and the drive starts acting wierd. With wierd I mean, that it starts burning and then suddenly the buffer drops a bit…it stops burning for a second or two and then continues…then again it does the same! The entire burning process takes about 9 minutes, which is long with 12x.
Now I can’t even write in SAO…only TAO :frowning:
Beneath is a snip from Fireburner while trying to burn with SAO:

Recording device: LITE-ON LTR-12101B
Recording method: Session-at-once
Recording Speed: 12x
BURN Proof: Enabled

Thread1: Executing (Cache enabled)
Thread1: Setting Write Parameters
Thread1: Write parameters set
Thread1: Reading Disc Info
Thread1: Reading Next Track Info
Thread1: Start LBA is -150
Thread1: Sending Cue Sheet
Thread1: Processing Track 1 Pregap [150 Sectors]
Thread1: Processing Track 1 [Mode1] [290060 Sectors]
Thread2: Executing
Thread2: Write Error @ Sector -150
Thread2: ASPI Status: SS_BUFFER_TO_BIG
Host Adapter Status: HASTAT_OK
Target Status: STATUS_GOOD
Thread2: Synchronizing Cache
Recording complete

and it hasn’t burned ANYTHING…just gives an error!
DMA mode is enabled, and the latest VIA4in1 drivers are installed…WHAT TO DO???

Well … things do break !

on the other hand … write error at sector 150

  1. does the media support 12x writing !
  2. it could simply be a bad CD-R
  3. try another brand of media !
  4. Fireburner, in my opinion, sometimes acts very weird !

I had the same problems with FireBurner and my Plextor… I would suggest not to use this program. For BIN/CUE you should use either CDRWin or Nero Burning Rom.

Had simular problem with long burns but the fact that it was working before probably cancels this fix that i used after first purchasing my cd-rom that was Lite-On 24X10X40 taking 10+ min to burn 569M

First I went into device manager in win2k and on IDE they were set to PIO. I changed that to DMA if available.

2nd I upped the buffer from 8MB to max 38MB

Probably no help to ya but figured just in case here ya go.