Big Thanks To Herrie

As The Title Says Thanks For All Your Hard Work With The Nec Firmware…
I Have 2 - 2510a And Flashed With The Firmware 107v2 dual layer bitsetting 5 and the results are great.
no more pioneers for me…

thanks Herrie… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Im gonna do the same today.
And advise what to remember? i just find out if its slave master, and what ide it runs on then fire up command prompt window in win 2000 and flash?

If you are talking about TDB’s DOS flashing utility, you are much much better off booting into regular DOS and then flashing.

command promot window is NOT the same as booting into DOS. You need a bootdisk for the latter ( also available on )

Also flashing in Windows is more risky - its safer to do so in pure DOS.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

I built my computer w/o a floppy. Can this be done from a boot CD? Is it safe? :confused:

Where can i find this firmware as i also have an NEC 2510a and would like to be able to use bitsetting.

Also is this fw the one that has been modified directly for the 2510a not the 2500?

hi all,

this should help.

and the firmware link as i used on my drive,

when i flashed my 2510a i did a backup firmware first just in case.
the above link should give you the info you need.


john thomas
thnx for info
how do you backup firmware ?

Try this one . I think it’s exactly what you are looking for. :bigsmile: