Big screen high definition television: Make the right choice

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  "As in the daytime there  is no star in the sky warmer and brighter than the sun, likewise there is no  competition greater than the Olympic Games." Pindar, Greek  lyric poet, 5th century bc....
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If I had no clue what to spend my money on, I would buy it :wink:

I love my DLP front projector…not near as bulky and a 100" diagonal screen is great.

thinking about making that dlp jump myself slacker6 mmmm

I am definately going DLP. It really has a nice picture and no burn in. drool

:slight_smile: I love my SONY KF-50WE610 :g

Did you guys hear about that new projection screen that Sony has. Its black, so it absorbs ambient light, and reflect red, blue, green. Makes the picture bright even in lit rooms.

You are quite right there :wink: I have a Panasonic PT-AE500E and late at night, I can honestly say that I have not yet seen a TV or Plasma show such a clear, vivid, sharp picture as this, but the major snag does not appear until the next morning: It is unwatchable on a bright sunny day and the contrast looks poor in a lit up rooom unless I cover my Window with a thick blanket. :c Maybe Sony’s upcoming screen will make some think twice before choosing something else over a projector :stuck_out_tongue: Then again, the other thing that needs working on is bringing down the cost of those replacement light bulbs.

NBC’s HD olympic coverage is going to be 24 hours behind SDTV coverage. I would say for a lot of people the Fox move to HD with up to 6 football games a week in HD and I am sure nascar next year is even better.

HD is great & I love my Philips 60" HDR-PTV! Its a 4 year old model but has a FAR better picture than the crap that most companies are shipping now – primarily due to the 9" tubes in it (current ones have gone to 7" tubes to reduce cost) which allows it to resolve the full 1920x1080i resolution of an HD signal. It’s also nice in that it has a native SVGA input on the back (in addition to the HD component input and regular component inputs). It is also a standard 4:3 set rather than a 16:9 – which I consider a major plus. Regular TV shows are still 75% 4:3 ratio anyway and they look better on a 4:3 set than on a widescreen one. And for widescreen format stuff, I can live with the black bars at the top & bottom and the viewable screen area is the exact same on a 60" 4:3 set as it is on a 54" widescreen set! I know for a fact that Philips sold this exact same set in both a 54" 16:9 configuration and a 60" 4:3 configuration – with the only difference being the actual physical size of the screen and the positioning of the mirror. What is hillarious is that they charged MORE for the 16:9 version even though it cost LESS to produce it (smaller screen/cabinet)!