Big recording problems with 4550



I just bought a Nec 4550 hoping to improve the record quality of my dvds, but I still have a lot of problems!
I use Ritek R03 +R printable and, while Nero ( verifies the data correctly, when I try Nero Speed it shows the attached results.

What can I do? Please help me!

Drive: _NEC DVD_RW ND-4550A
Firmware: 1.07
Tipo di disco:: DVD+R (RITEK R03)
Velocità selezionata: 8 X
PI errors
MAX: 6582
media: 2054.66
Totale: 31513890
PI failures
MAX: 1550
media: 271.82
Totale: 4137670
PO failures: n/a
Jitter: n/a
Scansione statistiche
Tempo trascorso: 9:46
Number of samples: 16605
Intervallo scansione medio: 8.03 ECC
Anomalie eliminate: 0


They were burned at what speed?


2.4x… is it better to burn faster?


Better burn them at their rated speeds, in this case 8x. :wink:


Thanks! Tomorrow I’ll try one at 8x!


I have the same discs…got them from Memorex, they are good discs and burn in my NEC-4551A just great @ 8X (much better than the CMC Memorex -R’s). However, I won’t be buying memorex again because of the hit&miss disc quality and the fact that I want something faster (16x) which you can’t even buy in stores.


I thought that, like CDs, even if one is 52x it’s better not to burn so fast… Instead for DVDs is always better to burn at their higher speed!


8X is good to go! Also 4550 is not a great scan burner! If it is a DVD video, how does it play?


Most of the times my burns at 4x are better than 8 or 16x. Not much, but noticable in the stats. I’ve tried slower burns sometimes, and they are much worse, but not to the extent as in this example.

Burning quality improved a lot when I switched to the Mad Dog firmware, and the drive became more silent as some mechanical sounds from the drive when burning disappeared. I haven’t tried the latest NEC 1.07 firmware, but I can definitely recommend the Mad Dog f1. It also allows bitsetting on regular dvd5 media.


ok, thank you everybody!