BIG Question!

when u use blindwrite to make a securom protected game the game will run but will it still run if u update for example a patch to help gameplay for eaxample will the game run again or do we have to look for a no cd crack to get it to work??just because we do the update…anyone???preferebly from the maker of Blindwrite,but anyone can answer freely…thnkz,

well if the patch adds a new form of protection to the game then there’s a strong possibility it won’t work. Then again it may, its just a matter of trying.

i just backed up UT2003

works from eny cdrom and eny cdrw without emulation

i updated it to latest patch and it updated the secuROM NEW 4x protection and it still works :slight_smile:

check my thread out in here i gave tips on what i did :slight_smile:
also depending on your hardware : example CDRW or DVDROM depending on what you read and write the disk with …

hope this helps…

It’s always possible that when they patch a game it will render any copy useless, hell sometimes it will even render the original useless for some, the most perfect example that stand out is when neverwinter nights was patched from 1.20 to 1.21, not only did it make backups useless it made some originals useless. They can do it, and makes us start all over.