Big Problems

My backed up games used to play. Now they don’t. It tells me it cannot locate the cd-rom ; Please eject and re-instert the cd-rom , Select OK and restart the application.

I do this and the same comes up.

Please help me.


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Well , now that i’ve retyped your entire message to make it more friendly , let’s focus on the problem on which i have some questions as well.

Do all cd-roms have this issue ?
Did you install , reinstall or uninstalled some application (For instance an Alcohol 120% Trial version) ?

yes i unistalled alcohol + clone cd

With the uninstall of clone cd and alcohol 120% , you have lost the ability to hide the ATIP of your cloned cd-roms. This makes your backups work.

I suspect you either need to reinstall Alcohol or CloneCd to enable it again.

ok thanks

Or maybe he was using emulation …