Big problems

i have 40/12/48 125w liteon cdrw the writer does not detect a cd at all its like the cdrw is looking for the media

asus mobo a7n266-vm
512 ddr (2100)
xp pro
lg dvd rom


Try putting a bootable CD in the drive and reboot, see if it works. Assuming you have enabled booting to CD, in your bios, if it doesn’t work then you may have a dead drive.

did that put a bootable in and it never worked?does this mean the drive is dead or can it have life again?

I got you PM and replied, but for the benefit of the group:
the reason for trying to boot to the drive is cause there’s no O.S. running to get in the way. A functioning drive should boot.
This method might eliminate a lot of fussing around with the O.S. to get it to work.
Sounds like a dead drive to me.:frowning: