BIG problems with verbatim +R DL, please advise

Written using CloneCD @ 2.4x. Obvious problems with the layer break. How can I tell if it’s the media or the writer?

It could even be CloneCD :smiley:
Did you try scanning or burning with another drive?

Maybe try ripping to ISO with CloneDVD, and burning the image with ImgBurn? I hear ImgBurn handles layer breaks very well.

I think I have seen several users complaining about not being able to scan Double Layer media properly in Pioneer DVR-111 series drives, and that the scans stop at the layer break.

Perhaps you should take a look in our Pioneer forum and see if I’m remembering it correctly?

I’ve upgraded the firmware to 1.23 on the drive to see if that makes a difference.

A very wise idea. Let us know what the scans look like now :slight_smile:

The Advanced Search tool is your friend! :slight_smile:

Here’s what I found in the Asus DVD Burner / Pioneer DVD Burner forum:

dvr-111d freezes layer break scanning cd<DUMMYTAG></DUMMYTAG>-dvd speed dl

PIPO half way after upgrading to 111L 8.25

Don’t want to be a pest, but here is another example of how things can get a little nonsensical when PI/PIF scans are taken too seriously/literally: a huge PIF spike is automatically interpreted as a burning/quality issue… though the issue here is the scanner itself. :bigsmile:

So I’ll take the opportunity of my short stay on the forum to write (once again) in this thread that PIE/PIF scans are [I]not[/I] measurements of things that “are on the disc”, but merely an interface showing how the drive’s error correction system behaves while reading a disc. Any interpretation of the burning quality by looking at scans is [I]extrapolation[/I], and taking scans as “measurements” can lead to wrong interpretations in many instances.

And yes, even when “reliable” scanners (LiteOn) are used. :wink:

When meeting very high PIF single spikes (>30@8ECC, >10@1ECC), perform a transfer rate test. If there is no slowdown at the same place, the spike is most probably a glitch.

Pioneers are not scanners - period!

With that said, I use my Pio 111 strictly for Verbatim DVD+R DL burns a 4X and have a zero coaster rate (out of about 100 thus far). Rip with DVDDecrypter and AnyDVD running in background, burn with Roxio RecordNow Premier v8.0. Why? Because I get the best results that way with copy protected material backups (compatible layer breaks too!). If just unprotected dvd9-dvd9, then I use CloneCD alone. I do not start off with CloneCD & AnyDVD for backing up protected material because for one reason or another it tends to stutter and pixelize at the layer break.

[a little OT]

I’ll tend to buy that, but from what I’ve seen around this forum the newer models (110, 111) are a great improvement over older Pioneer units. Granted, the 109 was one of the looniest scanners ever, which made me loose a lot of precious learning time when I started to be interested in PIE/PIF scanning… :doh:
[/a little OT]

Scanning may be improved over earlier models, but I have seen posts exactly like this one and so leave my scanning to my BenQ 1620. Also OT, but if I could decide on a LiteOn model, I would get one of those for ripping/scanning. But every one I read up on tends to pursuade me otherwise… I even returned a NEC because it was a POS!