Big problems with Sony AW-G170A please help

Try to install that drive on a different computer. If it is still not working, probably the drive is damaged :frowning:

OK i’ll try that and see what happens.

Hi everybody!

My name is Gergo, and I’m such a newbie at here, but i have a really big problem, with my brand new DVD-RW writer, and i hope you can help me out.
So i bought a Optiarc AD-7170A (as all we knows, that is the same hardware with the Sony AW-G170A, so that’s why I’m asking this, here) type DVD-RW writer, that look like cool, reading with no problems, but I can’t write with this drive.
I’ve tried so many versions of Nero Burning Rom, so many methods of the installation (Primary Slave - Secondary Master, with a HDD - be alone), but I’ve always got this message on the start of writing:
[B]Power calibration error[/B], or [B]No seek complete[/B].
So, you are the my only and last hope, please tell me, what should i do, to this drive working properly.


Probably the problem is a really low quality disc. What discs are you using? Can you try with a verbatim?

Yesterday I’ve tried some cheap, and some expensive (high quality) disc, but the problem was still there.
Today, I’ve brought back my drive to the shop, there was tested, and we found out, that the drive was wasted, so I got a cheaper Optiarc AD-5170A (the difference between the 7170A and 5170A, only the lack of DVD-RAM reading capability, and for say the truth, I can live without it) type writer, and some money back. This drive works fine, so I’m a happy user now :slight_smile:

Anyway thanks for the help, respect all to you guys.