Big problems with pioneer DVR 109




Today I get my dvr 109 and I try it out now.

first, i wanted to burn a DVD+R but nero says at the beginning of burnig “communication error” an the drive stops at a while without success.

Ok, then I tried to overburn a DVD+RW. Nero says, the burnspeed 16x ist possible. This cannot be true!! I changed the speed in 4x but at the beginning Nero says after erasing the disc “invalid” disk.

What’s wrong ??? The firmware installed is the 0.93, it’ very old right?

I downloaded the newest firmware 1.58, but how to use it? There is now readme-file with it, there are 2 files:…109.158 and …009.158

What are the exact parameters to update firmware???

Please help !

What do you say to the problems mentioned above.



Sorry for my maybe bad english!?!?


your probably using 40wire ide cable you should be using 80 , if you dont know to tell between a 40 and 80 see this thread , less common reason is ide driver whats your motherboard model and do you use the standard microsoft ide driver?


You also need to check if you hav a A09 or 109 as both firmwares are different.
Also you cannot write to a dvd+rw at 16x, only dvd+R or dvd-R check this site and pioneer website for media which will burn at this speed.



thanks for your quick statements. The problem was this stupid OEM Firmware from “Medion” I have a Microstar PC from Medion and they give the drive a own firmware. Lucky I found the tool DRVupdate an I flashed the original Pioneer firmware 1.58 on it.

Now, everything is fine !!

Phil: I changed the 40pin cable before, that was not the reason. But I read in the installation guide, to use the speed 16x, a 80pin cable is just nessesary, ok, I keep this cable anyway.




Firmware 0.93. That’s a nut hard to crack. :slight_smile:


Yes, I guess the 0.93 was the first firmware for this drive…


Did you crossflash to a A09XL? This will increase your read speed if you need it! Read the threads in this forum on how to do it, but basically you use DVRUPDATE and then flash with the A09 FW.


no, I haven’t done this yet. I found nothing special about crossflashing to the A09. I found, that the difference between these 2 drives is, the one is the bundle version, the other one the retail. The last one allows quitdrive, the other not.

What is to do, to flash to the a09. Just flash it with dvr-Update or have I to do something else?

Thnak you


You got it! Just use the DVR and a09 FW. This will enable speed read for copying DVDs. If you don’t copy DVD movies for backups then it probably isn’t a function you will need.



I made it. This quitedrive feature is a good thing.

Thank you!


Way to go! Success is sweat!:iagree: