BIG problems with LTR-40125S

Ok after posting a thread this morning about wheter buy a 40 speed cd burner or not…I decided to do so.
Just installed the damn thing, and now its starts with problems :frowning:

It doesnt burn at 40 speed at all…looks more like 16 speed. Im using the correct media, so thats not the problem. I did a speedtest of my HD and it went 11.000 kb/s so that should be ok too. After that I did Nero CD Speed, and it went to 40 speed perfectly.
But still it doesnt burn any higher then 16 speed. I configured every drive to Ultra DMA, so that shouldnt be a problem either.

This could happen cause my HD isnt very new. But then again, why should the speedtest give me a transferrate of 11.000 KB/s.
Or is 11.000 KB/s not even possible with a kinda old HD (2 years old)

My systemconfiguration :
Pentium II 350 mhz
320 MB RAM
5 GB HD (I know not much, but got enough free space)
Ultra DMA enabled for every drive
CDRW Drive : LTR-40125S

Thnx in advance again for the person who can answer me this question…


What O/S are you running? What chipset do you have? If VIA, are the latest 4in1 drivers loaded? Have you checked to see that DMA is enabled? Most likely, you just need to enable DMA.

I apologize, I saw you had DMA. Check on the drivers for the chipset.

I have Win2000 running and I dont have a VIA chipset (im like 99,9 % sure of that). If I have a VIA chipset i bet i would have known that :slight_smile:

Have you downloaded the smartburn detection utility? The drive may be limiting the speed it writes based upon the media inserted such as 12X for CDRW or olde media. Most newer media will due 32X or better. Also, while burning, does the LED glow red than orange than red, or does it stay solid red? If it alternates red then orange, smartburn is activating. This typically means the PC is not able to maintain the required throughput to substain 40x recording. I notice this on mine when I copy from CD to burner. However, when I burn from the hard drive to the burner, I typically run at 32 or 40 depending on which media I use.
Let me know,

When running the Smartburn detection tool it shows me thats not the media thats causing this problem. It does a test at hits it all up to 40 speed.
Burning a cd while i type this.
Burned 250 mb (28:23:07 mins) in 1 min and 51 seconds. All at once this seems pretty normal doesnt it ? I burned a cd that came with the burner (40 speed enabled)
Now I am burning the same data to another cd which should burn at 32 speed.
And now it does the whole thing in 1 min and 43 seconds ???
Thats real strange.

It looks like I tested with a wrong method yesterday. I was testin with burning mp3 to audio cd. And im now only thinking that this will probably have a lower burnspeed cause it needs to decode first ??
Let me know if my thoughts are good :slight_smile:
If they are id like to :

Thnx for ur help…and if u got anything to add, please do and id like to know if its normal that a cd of 250 mb burns in less then 2 mins (1min50 approximatly)

I believe your assumptions are correct and the results look normal. Varations of a few seconds should no be much to worry about. Also, realize the burner may not reach even 32x speed on a 250 meg burn as it increases speed throughout. If you really want to check, burn two disks of 650 or 700 meg.