Big problems with LTR-32123S and securom new - which DVD-ROM drive is the best?

HEy guys!

I own a Lite On LTR-32123S Burner and have problems to copy securom new! I tried several settings in clone cd! everytime I I double-click on the game’s icon nothing happens!
I searched the forum for help i had the idea to buy a DVD-ROM drive to solve this problem! THis drive needs to read subchannel data and audio! Which drive is the best to beat the securom new copy protection? By the way the game is called “Hotel Gigant (Hotel Giant)”!
Does anyone have some experience with that?

Please help me guys!
Thanks in advance!


In CloneCD 4 you may use the defaul game profile and read and write with the Lite-On and the copy should work. Remember that “Hide CD-R media” must be enabled for it to work in writers :wink:

Lite-on LTD-163(D) and Asus E616 is good readers for CloneCD.

thank you OC-Freak!
I already tried everything…I never had this problem before!
even with hide-cdr-media option enabled my ltr 32123s refused to start game!
which drive would you buy?
asus or lite-on?

I’ve tried all sorts with Securom New and my Liteon 32123S to get a good working copy - have only had limited success, including one copy which would only work when CCD4’s ‘Hide CDR Media’ was OFF!

Use my Plex 40x now, and every time a winner using the default ‘Game’ setting in CCD4 :slight_smile:

did you have AWS enabled when you write the cd??
I get coasters when i have AWS enabled

I never took care about whether i have aws enabled or not!
thanks for the tip! I will check it out!