Big problems with Lite-On 52x32x52x

I recently attempted to install a Lite-On 52x32x52x DVD/CD-RW drive. The problem is that Windows XP refuses to detect either this drive or the DVD-ROM drive that I had previously installed (and which had previously been working perfectly). Instead, Windows XP detects either only one “CD ROM Drive” or detects what I assume is a gibberish version of the Lite-On drive’s name that reads:

“MMUe-on LVV-u?►27wh”

Neither drive works now, and I have absolutely no idea how to solve the problem. Help?

1st, are you jumpering the drives correctly?
How are they connected? (IDE configuration)

Quick fix for XP is to uninstall the IDE controller and reboot. And when you do that, look to see how the BIOS is detecting the drives.

I have both drives set to the Slave jumper setting. The Lite-On is conneted to the primary IDE connection and the other DVD-ROM drive is conencted to the secondary.

Tried the IDE controller uninstallation with reboot, but it didn’t work. I’m about to try having only the Lite-On drive connected, to see if I can at least get one working.

Need to know your entire IDE configuration. If the ROM is slave alone on the ribbon, that could cause problems. Is BIOS detecting them correctly?

Hi, i had a problem like that a while ago, it was on my dvd drive and it kept changing the name of it to allsorts, i kept re flashing the firmware on the drive thinking it was a problem with the drive but it ended up i had a bad ide cable, replaced the cable and no more probs. Also it might not be such a good idea to mix cd drive and hard drive on the same ide channel if thats what u have done. Hope this may be of some help.