Big problems with DW1620 & temperature of 28° mobo chipset



Hi all,

as soon as the temperature in my PC reaches some critical point, my DW1620 stops working. When the BenQ stops working and even looks strange in BIOS/Device Manager temperatures are 48°C CPU and 28°C Chipset. If I open the case and temp fall to 43/24 it works again. It appears to produce errors on the IDE as the name changes from ATAPI___2x16x4x16 or so to ATAPI and VG7P9 becomes VG|P| (with | = a strange block I do not know how to produce).

As I read some people have 40° mobo in the pcs and their BenQ work fine, I suppose it gotta be some problem with the BenQ? FYI an LG burner 3 5.25" slots below the BenQ works fine all the time.

I will double check by trying another IDE cable, but I guess it is a problem with the drive electronics… The upper part of my PC is not very hot btw, there is an own fan sucking the warm air out and again, the LG works fine all the time.

Maybe someone could compare to his values? Have to send the DW1620 back ASAP I guess

TIA and greetz!


FYI: The writer itself gets quite warm, even when doing nothing.
My PSU is a bequiet! 420W and all Voltages are rockstable. Also tried another PSU before. The PSU has 2 fans (1 read 1 bottom) which get the hot air out of the mobo part of the case very well, a 2nd fan gets the air into the lower part, the upper part sucks air in above and below the BenQ and blows it out at behind above the PSU.

I think temperatures are pretty low in my case … mobo never got over 29°, cpu not over 49° C.


For what enver it’s worth I reached the undeniable counclusion that I had a bad one also. I’m sending my back today for a replacement.


Send it back - yeah that is exactly what I did. That extreme temperature sensitivity is not normal as other posts showed me.

I am now running prime95 since 16 hours or so.
Temperatures are
58-59°C CPU (yeah a little bit hot IMO but it is not a great cpu cooler)
35-36°C Mobo chipset
38-39°C Samsung harddisk in the lower (= hotter) part, when system is idle, it is 36-37°C
28-30°C in the upper part with CD-ROM, DVD-Writer LG GSA-4163B, uw scsi hdd

Voltages are very stable… not a single one changing more than <1%

And the LG works like a charm … so it must be sth with the DW1620. I hope I only have a bad sample of it and pray for the replacement to come soon!


if your cpu is idleing at 58-59 then i would be worried, as it will jump 15-20 degrees during cpu intensive tasks like encoding. i’m running an athlon 64 3200 in an Lian-LI 6070A “heat trap case”. i was having an issue where when i was encoding i would reach 64-65 degrees for the cpu and it would cause my system to crash. I switched to artic silver thermal grease and instaled a more powerfull exaust fan and my max temp now reaches 52-53. no more crashing problems.


Yeah spryfly if it were idle I would worry as well… :wink:
bolded the info I am running prime95 at max cpu heating settings since hours. Think idle temperature was in the low 40s (°C) AS3 is in use, but I think I will need a cooler with copper instead of the cheap aluminium one. Anyway, as I plan to do a last upgrade of this pc to XP-M 2600, I will postpone it until then as a max around 60°C in summer is ok…

Just opened a window to let the “new computer parts stench” out of the room. Temperature immediately fell to 56-57°C cpu and 33-34°C mainboard.

Nice thing on a hot pc is I do not need any heating at all in this room… though I guess central heating is cheaper - but how can one play Quake on that? g

BTW when the new BenQ arrives I will change one case fan for another one with higher capacity as well.


lol…i need to brush up on my reading comprehsion skills. :o