Big problems with burning dvd's!

I am having big problems with burning dvd’s, i have now been struggling with this for more than three months. The thing is that i have not been able to succesfully burn a single dvd.

The first DVD burner i bought was an ASUS DRW-0804P and then 30 Verbatim DVD+R 8x. All of the about 15 dvd’s i burnt with this drive, was done in Nero and all of them was burnt as data dvd’s containing video files and burnt at 8x speed, Nero reported all of the burns as succesfull, but non of them was, when i tested them in Nero cd-dvd speed transfer rate test, the curve would dramatically drop in about 1/4 in on the disc and it almost couldn’t be read, some of the discs returned an uncorrectable error and some couldn’t be read at all. I tried updating the firmware, nero and so on, i even formatted my harddisk and reinstalled windows and all the newest drivers but with no effect.

I then thought it had to be the drive that was defect and got it replaced to a Plextor PX-712A, which is the one i have now. But the problems persists, the picture is about the same, but now the drop in the transfer rate curve is at the end of the dvd’s, all of which has been burned in the Nero, that followed with the drive and at 8x speed. I have also tried returning all of the Verbatims, thinking they were defect and got them replaced with new ones, but they do exactly the same. I have also upgraded the firmware to the newest ver. 1.03, but with no effect. I also tried replacing the IDE cable with a new one, that didn’t work either.

One strange thing i have noticed, was when i burnt two dvd’s in cd-dvd speeds create data disk, which also burned the disk at 8x speed and both were completely succesfull burns, with no drop in the transfer rate test curve. Which has made me even more confused.
I have now tried every possible thing i can think of, but with no succes and i have run out of ideas, to what can be the cause to the problem. Please please help me! I’m going insane. :confused:

Here are some pictures from the Transfer Rate Tests.

Send your data to Plextor support. Maybe they have an answer for your problem :slight_smile:

You should try burning your DVD’s at a lower speed and see if that makes a difference. You should also try scanning your DVD’s with PlexTools (PI/PO Test) to see how many errors there are on the DVD disc. If they increase dramatically at a certain point then there is a) a problem with the drive or b) a problem with the used media. As said, try using a lower recording speed in this case or a different brand of media. Let us know how things go.