Big problems with ASUS 5224A

I have big problems with my asus5224A. He is max. writing at 24x and when it’s slave only 16x :S DMA is enabled.
I have updated the firmware to 1.2 but the problem isn’t solved. It happens after a couple of programs installed: blindwrite and alcohol 120% Before he burns 52x. I don’t know what the problem is :confused:

Do you recall when the problem started? Was it after blindwrite or alcohol or after both installed? If you can trace it back you can try uninstall one or both and see what happens.

Blindwrite and Alcohol 120% are uninstalled. One thing that I know is that it happens after I tried to multicopy (with Nero) with two burners, the ASUS and a MSI. After that Nero said the ASUS is a 24x burner :confused: (sorry for bad english) Nero is uninstalled now but still problems.