Big problems plz help

im using nero vision to make a dvd out of an avi file
when pressing disc info at the bottom i see:

it tells me that its only using 4.37 out of 4.8gb

but when it gets to the part where it actually burns to the disk i get this error message

and the cd tray ejects
ive tried other blank dvds even other brand names… does the exact same thing
so i decided to instead of burning to a disk to save the dvd files to the hard drive and try to burn it from another program
but then i noticed something…
the video_ts folder is 5.11 gb

whats up with that???
please help!

ok update… the drive is not the problem because i used clonedvd2 to shrink the video_ts folder on my hd and burn it and it did fine…
the problem is nero making the folder too big… wutsup with that how can i fix this problem?

Wrong forum, man!!!