Big problem

Hello to you all
Im a new member here and i need help,what burner should i buy,its important that it works with clone cd,and it handle many copy protections even sf2.
okey is that possible by the way today i use hp 8100
(some one ho would want the rubbish)


This is a tough question: although Plextor writers rule (big time), they cannot handle SD2, except for the 8X model. You should check this news posting for some good information about this matter.

There are drives that can do it like the Philips burners but on evey other aspect they are inferior to Plextor.

If you don’t mind using a crack for SD2 but you can do all other copy protections like SafeDisc, SecuROM, etc. you should go for the PlexWriter 1210a or 1610, but I have some doubt on the 16 version since it has some problems with Fast Error Skip and RAW writing…

Goodluck with your choice.

Tank you for fast reply
If i understand this correct this is a new problem with the Plextor burner,so what tla work,have to check in the shop before i buy it.Philips which model?

Best regards fyreshill

Here’s a SD2 compatible burners list: