BIG Problem

I really have a big problem with my system, it runs like shit. Here are the specs:

Abit KT7A-RAID Motherboard
AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1.2 GHz @ 1.3 GHz
256 MB 133 MHz Samsung Geheugen
Hercules 3D Prophet II ULTRA @ Core: 250 MHz/Mem 500 MHz DDR)
IDE1: * Western Digital WD400 UDMA ATA-100 40.0 GB HDD

  • Seagate Medalist ?? 1.2 GB ATA-66
    IDE2: * Pioneer DVD-106Z 16x DVD/40x CD-ROM

I really did everything I could think of (BIOS Modification etc) but so far, nothing really worked.

Maybe someone of you have had the same problem, or maybe someone knows a solution to this problem. Hope you can help…


Elaborate about what kind of problemsare you getting with your system.

Does it keep freezin, or does it run very slow…???

It just runs slow, and jitters all the time…


Looks like you tweaked the system for overclocking… Check what you did and make sure its right… If not you may want to return your system back to it original state…

Cant see why you would want to overclock a 1.2 ghz AMD chip to a 1.3 Ghz when the performance gain is only marginal… You have a fast enough system for whatever task you may want to do…