Big Problem

I am having a big problem now, 2 months ago I bought an External DVD Burner, which was an LG, it gave me Nero and the Cyberlink DVD Solutions programs, when I got in the computer today. the device was not in the computer, the only thing I saw in the Device section was my old internal dvd player I used to use and the 3 1/2 Floppy Drive, everything went missing, my External DVD Burner is not there anymore, but it still works fine, the light is still on, everything, but when I put a cd or dvd in there, it reads it but it doesn’t show in the computer, I don’t know what is going on, I took out the USB Cable and Put It Back to see if that work, it didn’t, I restarted the computer, and I disconnected the plug, everything, and it is still not there, I don’t know what’s going on and I uninstalled all the programs it came with to see if that works, but it won’t read a cd, the hardware is not there, I don’t know what happened, I need help

could be your motherboards usb controller, have you tried it in the ohter usb connectors? - you could also try the LG burner on another computer to see if its the drive that went bad.

the drive works fine, it lights up and everything, it also with the old DVD Reader I had, it only shows the floppy disk and the old DVD Internal Burner. I didn’t do nothing wrong with those things and yes did try to change it and it didn’t work

It still doesn’t detect it

Open Devicemanager, also check the Event-Viewer.