Big problem

Well I bought a NEC 3550A and I think its a big hunk of junk!
For example I have all the seasons of Stargate SG1 in perfect condition and I try to burn them via dvdshink and I constantly get a CRC error… So I tried useing Liggys and Dee’s Firmware which didn’t help my situation. But now I only get CRC errors on some of the SG1 DVDS so then I was courious so I put in some of my starwars DVD’s and some had CRC errors… and there is no visable damage… im about to chuck this thing in the middle of the road and hopes a large truck hits it. :a :a :a :a Is there any way to fix this?
Another question is that what is a GOOD dvd burner to buy… I’m trying to copy movies but copying games would be a plus to. I know SD. is a B*TCH.
So what are your guys recomendations?

Klaxx yes most DVD/ CD experts believe chucking the burner in the middle of the road under a large truck normally irons out any bugs in the burner and makes a huge improvement in its burn quality! I’m NO DVD/CD expert But before you go to all that trouble first thing I would do is chuck the media you are using in the middle of the road and try some other media first! CRC errors are normally a result of bad or cheap media.

As for backing up Stargate SG1 and StarWars DVD’s that is a tough job and you need a tough burner to defeat the Dark side and get it done! The only one I can think of is the Lite-On 1693S used by the JedI.

Your problem is that the discs do have errors and when you burn the computer will not tolerate errors, unlike a player where you just see a slight blip. The problem is partially worse because the NECs are not the best readers, but there is no guarantee that any burner would get past them. If you want a better reader BenQ is considered the best but they are in the middle of a product change and are hard to find.

Your NEC is a very good burner, you just have given it an impossible task. Do a search for CRC errors and maybe others have some solutions. The only one I have tried (works sometimes) is to disable DVD Decrypter’s error correction (set to ignore errors) and let it read forever to get past the error. This will give a blip in the playback but at least you get a backup.

Ditto! Burn only the main chapter on each disk and delete the extras as well as the intro and credits! Are you close to a full disk?

Nonono… The CRC error is not the media I am burning on to… I only get the CRC error when it is reading the DVD… and it is not just sg1 and starwars it is various other dvd’s as well

As we said, CRC errors are hard errors on pressed discs. They are more common than people think. Try reading the disc on another drive.

Still could be an encryption problem! Are you trying to copy all the movie or just the main chapter?

Hadn’t thought of that. Shrink is getting a little old but then so are the disc titles. Try DVD Decrypter and see what happens.

i use the same version of dvd shrink on my other comp that has my plex 716a and it burns all the dvds i put up to it… (sg1, sw. ect)

oh btw … i know it was said that a good dvd burner was benq and the Lite-On 1693S… is that the better version of the lite- on or should i go w/ another… i was lookin for another dvd burner for my other comp as well

I would stick with the 1693 as it seems to be the most trouble free. The BenQ would burn with equal quality and is said to be a better reader. The Liteon does a better job burning CDs.

thanks guys :slight_smile:

Where did you get it Klaxx?

newegg (i was reading how they allow there rewies to be posted WHOLY CENSORED)

oh btw i just tried burning red dragon and got a crc (I am really not likeing this burner)
(I did notice when I attempted to burn some of SG1 season 7 2 of them said they had encryption)

Use Decrypter and Shrink/both are free! Just don’t do the updates ever from the download soites!

Not true at all. I have posted many negative reviews there on anumber of products. You just need to actually read the guidelines, something that most people don’t take the time to do.

Since we are on the negative topic! Here are some drives I avoid! All Sonys and Liteons before 1693. BQ 1620 and 60, IO Drives that are not a rebag of a known drive, Etc! Plex rebags unless they are dirt cheap!

Some drives I have no experience with are Samsung, Toshiba etc! So I do not buy those do to limited support at this forum! You will find great support for all the drives we suggest at this forum.

Well I posted about the nec and have yet to see results on newegg but on another topic… i did go out and buy the 1693 it is in the process of being shiped… and personal I love my Plex716A I havent met a dvd out yet that it wasn’t able to copy
Are the other Plexs above 716A as good or better?

Too many coins man! Don’t go there!