Big Problem With Reading Dvd, Please Help Me



AMD Pro2000+
256MB DDR ram
HD MAxtor 40GB 7200Rpm
Pioneer DVD-RW 107D
HD on master IDE 0 (Ultra DMA 5)
DVD on slave IDE 1 (Ultra DMA 2)
Windows XP Prof with all the possible updates

When i try to copy an VIDEO-TS folder from a DVD to my HD in the windows expoler with cut and copy, or with an copy prog, or when i try to make an image-file:
The copying begins and after a while (50 a 70%%) : STOP
I get the message : “Illegal dos-command” or something with “redundantie” and its hanging on.

I have treid everything with master, slave, cable select…
DMA in the Bios on 2,3,4,5 or auto

Reïnstall Windows XP

Writhing sames to bee good with Princo 4speed
Only When i will read the DVD i hev the prblem
Also With Nero-Image or DVD shrink. I can’t read a file.
When i copy 5 VOB-Files from DVD to HD , after 3 VOB files copied, it stops and i get that error-message “Can’t copy … Dos-command error” or an other message is something with redundantie.
When i try to copy 1 VOB file it hangs after 50 a 70% with the same error message.

ALso With my DVD-reader.
Before yesterday al works fine with my BTC1008. Because i hat the problem also with my 1008 i was thinking the drive was not good, and thats wy i buy the pioneer. But its stil the same problem?
Also i think i have a hardwre problem but ???


Regardless of quality of the burn (PI/PO errors), try verifying the disc. I personally don’t trust Princo. May be 107D had a bad burn or something. Also use different medias to see which works with your stand alone player.



Originally posted by b180258j
I get the message : “Illegal dos-command” or something with “redundantie” and its hanging on.

If you are doing this with original DVDs try run PowerDVD, InterVideo or whatelse you have to watch Video DVDs before copying, this makes the auth.