Big Problem with NEC 3540 not reading iso/udf

i have installed freshly windows xp on a new machine.
NEW also nec 3540.

NEC doesN’t Read correctly a DVD masterd with
"GEAR PRO Mastering Edition 7 " on “Iso/udF hybrid mode”
( claimed to be the most compatible/readable ) .

–NEC reads TWICE (i think it reads udf AND iso at the same )
JUST THE FIRST DIRECTORY.the others ,for nec ,dont exist

Pioneer dvr 107 ,on the other machine ,read the DVD correctly with no prob (so pioneer reads Not twice and all the directories)

IS it a known problem of nec 3540?

has anyone one tip for that ,
or a link to a topic ,or something.

i DUNNO of my NEc is broken, or if is a firmware related problem

Could someone kindly help me?

Udf was 1.50 ,and the dvd i made wih pioneer.

Is it a problem th. can be solved through firmware,or should i RMA it?

need udf reader

need udf reader

what does it mean?
its was too short answer so i did’nt get it.
Is normal that problem on the nec?
the piooner reads it with no probs on the same machine.

the mode was iso/udf burned ,to be readed "universally " they claimed.
can be defective mine?

You Was VERY kind to point that.But i did explain wrong maybe.
Piooner AND new NEC on the SAME COMPUTER.

Piooner reads it with no prob,the NEC does’nt read.

Since is brand NEW ,Or is defective or maybe is a firmware related problem.
SORRY as i’m so NOOb ,i did explain maybe wrongly ,
Since i dunno anything about firmwares or what ,i just know
th cdfreaks is the top place to ask those kind of things.

there is a mention of that problem in firmwares updates or somethoing?
or somewhere i colud search for it?

AGAIN BIG THANK for your patience.

do a quality scan of the disc with the NEC and post the result

i’ve decided to rma it.
When i 'll receive the replacement ,i hope you will point mr up how to do a scan (which software does it) with nec.
Thank u for helping cnlson

nero toolkit
nero cd/dvd speed
quality test

Thanks again .
Today my Rma arrived.
My guess was right,the previous one was defective.
thanks as yourt help was useful to find and find the problem ,and declare that to the shop in a “technical way”