Big problem with my computer - Please read

Ok, well i had posted about my lite on 851s always grinding and i have no idea why. Well i decided to try to take the cd-rom drive that was a slave to it and hook it up to my ide controller card because I thought that might fix the problem (but it ended up causing other system problems).
I had (what im pretty sure was) a 40 pin ide connector cable that i used to connect my lite on drive to the secondary channel and my cd-rom (using the old cable that hooked those two drives up) to my controller card. I then booted the computer but it didnt get past the intel flash screen at start up. it just waited there, there were no beeps or anything. So i then took the cable i was using to hook up the cd-rom to the controller card and put it back on the lite on drive that was hooked to the secondary channel because i figured that may have been the problem (that the cable i had decided to use for the lite on drive was messed up or soemthing). i then decided not to hook up the cd-rom to the controller card. i turned on the computer and everything went normal, except that the screen that usually always shows how much memory i have and what drivse are hooked up to the ide channels are was not there. it just jumps straight to the windows xp loading screen. and it didnt even beep like it normally does after it posts all that information. but all the drives are recognized in the BIOS and in windows. So here are my questions:

  1. Is it possible to hook up a cd-rom to an ide controller card?
  2. Why is my computer not showing that information anymore? (the memory and the drives hooked up to the ide channels)
  3. And how do I get it back?

I should also note, that the cable i had used originally for the lite on drive looked slightly different than all the other cables in my computer. It had all the square holes but the other ones had one missing. Not so much missing but there was just a filled in hole. I’m not sure if that did anything to my comptuer or not.

I have to leave for work so I can check this post later tonight at about 7:30 EDT (USA East Coast) Any help would be appreciated. If I think of anything else I will post tonight when I get home. Thanks everyone.

Ok well i think i solved part of that problem. i suppose there is no need for anyone to reply to this post. but any comments would be nice. =)