Big problem with LG4163B



I have my burner for 2 months now and i never had a single problem with it…but yesterday i updated my A102 official firmware to A104 (with autoreset) made by The Dangerous Brothers…after that i burned one dvd and i tried to make a transfer test in nero cd/dvd speed…and it gave me this error : “LOGICAL UNIT COMMUNICATION
CRC ERROR (ULTRA-DMA/32)”…i made a quality disk test on a NEC 3520A and the disk it’s perfect…score 97…but the problem is that evry time i run cd/dvd speed or DvdInfo to make the transfer test i reciev that error…i burned different disk types…from verbatim 8x -R to some Traxdata 4x RW …everytime a reciev an error…i tried to reverse to old firmwares…official…“unofficial”…the same problem…any chances that A104 (autoreset) to damage the unit? i don’t know…i updated everything…from nero to dvdinfo and nero cd/dvd sped 3.80…i can’t do that test anymore and the disk’s are crappy…
Any suggestions?


Try to run CD Speed on another drive. You already said yourself NEC quality scan could read them. The error message’s probably just a software bug.


it’s not from cd/dvd speed cause i ran a test on one of my older burns,before the problem (verbatim 16x) and the test was ok,no error
i looked at may IDE configuration and is like that :
Primary channel : device 0=udma mode 6 (hard-disk maxtor 30gb)
device 1=udma mode 5 (hard-disk WD 80gb)
Secondary channel : device 0=udma2 (DVD-RW LG 4163B)
i tried everything and i don’t know where to find the solution…pls help :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe dissabling DMA on the drive, then restart the pc. Next enable DMA for the drive again, and restart the pc again.


LOGICAL UNIT COMMUNICATION CRC ERROR (ULTRA-DMA/32)" usually has something to do with the IDE cable. Try another IDE cable.


Yup… this error message belongs to hardware failures (in MMC(5)standard specifications)… I have to agree with zevia that it’s probably a bad IDE cable.


thx guys…i’ll try that ASP :stuck_out_tongue:


I had the same message several times recently in this PC. 10 IDE cables are connected. Happened regardless of drive so I thought it was a software bug since it never happened before and just swapping media one time solved it. (No noticeable permanent damage.)


Can you post a screen capture of that LOGICAL UNIT COMMUNICATION
CRC ERROR (ULTRA-DMA/32) message? Somehow it stopped happening here a few days ago. I’m burning and reading on all my DVD writers connected (Pioneer, LG, BenQ, Plextor…) so I didn’t care.


Problem solved :bow: i changed IDE cable and now it’s working …no errors
Thx for ideas