Big Problem with DVDFab with Dual Layer DVDs

I am having a serious compatibility issue burning DVD+R DL Verbatim discs using DVDFab. It is a real hit and miss deal as to which DVD player they will work in and which ones cannot read them.

I discovered a couple of days ago, however, that if I use burning software that forces the +R media to use the DVD-ROM BookType, then they work in every player I have tried.

Is there a way to make either DVDFab Express or DVDFab Gold force the burner into the DVD-ROM BookType mode prior to burning the dual layer DVD?



Hi Toonces,

We will provide booktype setting feature in recent update.

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That would be excellent! It is the ONLY weakness I have discovered in your software… :bigsmile:

Thanks again!


Could you elaborate on how book type works and its signifigance?

Hi krontab and welcome to cdfreaks,

Wow…this is a really old thread…
Anyway, bitsetting or booktype refers to the book type field found in the lead-in section of a dvd disc. Here’s a really good thread by blutach on the subject:

thanks for the info