Big problem with CloneCD

Every time i try to burn something, CloneCD show me this “Writing to CD failed, ILLEGAL REQUEST: INVALID FIELD IN CDB (5:0x24:0x00)”. I try with different versions and different CD-Rs, but its always the same.

Help please :bow:

Is your CloneCD a trial?
What Version is ur CloneCD?
You bruning at on the fly or burning the image of the original disc?


Hi kingpin_bg,

I get an ‘Invalid Field in CDB’ error when burning.
Either the copy process stopped because the writer ran out of data (connection lost to the pc) or the CD you want to copy might contain corrupt subchannel data. We suggest that you leave the field ‘Don’t repair subchannel data’ blank when starting the writing process.

take a look at SlySoft FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for more FAQ’s and the original of my quote :).