Big Problem with BTC 1008




I bought the BTC 1008 Drive and have a big problem with it. My drive is running under Windows XP Professionel and has its
firmware upgraded to v56. I installed the Nero Burning Software which comes with the drive (Nero 6.0). When i burn DVDs the whole burning process seems perfectly normal (no errors) but in the end of it, the medium is completely empty (not even damaged, Nero says empty disc).
This happens quite often, maybe 70% of the time with DVDs, CDROMs seem to work OK.
I use MMore 4x DVD-R and SK DVD+R discs.
In some newsgroups i read that DMA mode has to be enabled for the drive and ASPI has to be installed correctly, this is the case on my Computer.

Help would be needed
thank you


I’d guess that the cause of your trouble could be a conflict with your IDE drivers. Or with your Nero’s virtual Drive. Get rid of it and try again.

Been there, done that. Now I’m using standard M$ drivers and the virtual drive included with Alcohol. Yippeeeee, no probs!

Regards, Martin A


Tried other (good quality) DVD discs?


How do I uninstall the Virtual Drive ?