Big problem while trying to rip DVD (the incredibles)

ive been using a few different types of software (super dvd ripper 1.88, dvd copy plus 4.2) and i keep having the same problem. when i try to rip the dvd “the incredibles” for some reason it keeps repeating itself. what i mean is that when i watch the ripped copy, it will play fine, and then all of a sudden go back like a minute, then itll play through like 5 min, then go back 30 sec and it continues to do this. also, the audio started off great, and then the video and audio somehow were separated because the voices dont match up with the lips (its off about 2-3sec)

does anyone know any better software or something im doing wrong?

Bad media. Spend more $ on quality media. Go to and download AnyDVD and CloneDVD. Retest.