Big Problem- Video doesnt play one VOB to Next VOB w/o stopping

I used DVD Shrink version 2.3 to Author out Sections of Video I want and then I merged them with VOBEDIT then created NEW IFO files with IFOEDIT and when I play on my PC power DVD 5.0 it plays fine moving from one scene to the next. When I play on my Sony Set Top DVD PLayer SLV-D300P Video stops exactly where each VOB file was joined together for about 30 seconds completly ruining the smooth transition I get with Power DVD. Thirty seconds is a very long pause. I can move to the next video clip by pressing the next chapter button >>: etc. What is wrong? I tried every combination of IFOEDIT when creating new IFO’s and non of them fix the problem. HELP! I didnt realize I would have this problem till after I spend about 16 hours editing and now all the work may have been for nothing!

After you run IFOEdit to make new IFO file, shut it down, then load in the first IFO file. Click on GET VTS Sectors button, answer yes to any pop-up windows and exit. Done.

I have the exact same problem still. Sometimes it will even start back at the beginning of the DVD without going to the next VOB (this doesnt happen all the time but it happens. Otherwise it stalls out for like 30 seconds before playing the next VOB and since there are a lot of VOB’s it is horrible. Do you think that it is a VOBEdit problem with the join clips option or a problem with IFOEdit?

Try it yourself if your interested. But make sure you test on a real set top DVD player like my sony SLV-D300P which can play DVD±R +_RW DVD discs & VCD’s.

Here is what I am doing… Cropping out various sections from different DVD’s making sure they all use the same audio usually AC3 2 Channel. Then renaming the VOB files to VTS_01_001.VOB, VTS_01_002.VOB etc. Then I join clips with VOBEDIT into a new folder without any IFO’s etc. Then I use IFOEDIT to create new IFO’s then without closing “like you said to try” I would hit the get VTS sectors and following that burn it to dvd with clone dvd. I have also now burned it to DVD with Nero and I have the exact same problem so it isnt the burning software. I have just tested a DVD+R since I was using a DVD+RW for my test disc so I wouldnt waste any discs and I just wasted one since it didnt make any difference. I would be a very happy person if I could get this to work. Oh, and I am using all the current version of the software I mentioned accept cloneDVD which changes too often. thanks for the help

Why do you need to join them with VOBEdit ? If you have renamed them sequentially, just create new IFO file with IFOEdit. Then attempt to strip out unwanted streams with IFOEdit (but actually dont strip any) and it will combine them and make new IFO file, etc. Then Get VTS Sectors.

I just tried that and it didnt work. I am getting the exact same problem. I did like you said renaming the files to VTS_01_1.VOB and VTS_01_2.VOB etc. since IFOEDIT wont recognize the VOB files numbered like VTS_01_001.VOB - VTS_01_002.VOB etc. Created new IFO’s and the then GET VTS Sectors - burned with Nero and exactly the same problem. If you think of something keep telling me and I will keep trying.

Hmm… then try loading each VOB file into TMPGEnc DVD Author and let it compile and create a new set of VOB’s.