Big problem using Nec ND-2510A

I am writing this ther whit hope that someone could tell me how to resolv my problem. I’ve bought my Nec 2510A two weeks ago and i have a problems with it. This DVD+/- rw is freezing my computer whenever i write a cd/dvd and whed it reads a cd/dvd. I put my nec as a Secondary Master, the jumper is set to Master. My system has a Amd Barton 2500+, 120 GB Seagate with 8Mb of cache set to Primary Master and a Leadtek K7ncr18D Motherboard (nForce2), and Kingmax DDR 512 MB. My both ide cable are ATA 100. Myfirmware on 2510A is 2.16 from Nec. When i write a dvd/cd in nero the buffer is dropping all the time, as a result of sistem resouces. When i copy a cd/dvd on my hard it leaves me with 2 Mb of memory… after a while the memory is released and i have 400 mb of free memory and so on…Another thing is that my hard led stays on all the time if the Dvd reads or writes anything. The drive has Ultra DMA 2 interface and is set to it.I’v tried nvidia’s ide driver and microsoft windows xp ide drives but no result at all. Please help me because i don’t what to do next… :sad:
This picture below shows how my memory is used by any application that use s my dvd:

Hi I think it’s because of you power supply. I had the same Problems with my nForce2 board when I bought my ATI Radeon 9600 PRO.
Probably your power supply was built in you case. Believe me these supplys make your system unstable.
Now I use a be quiet! power supply and it works fine.

i have the same graphic card as you do and a power supply of 400W… never had problems with it… i still have 2 years of guaranty…i think i will take my dvd rw at another computer to see if i have the same problem… because i can’t see what the problem is…

is that wise?

Yes, I think so - if the problem persist on a different setup, then the possibility of driver failure etc. is smaller and the drive is probably to blame…

You tried all the leads in the NEC FAQ? Otherwise look at