bIG PROBLEM: teac dw-v516ga

Hi, I have teac dw-v516ga on my pc. It doen’t burn dvd’s but has no problem with cd’s. The nero info tool showed that the system ASPI was not installed, so I installed those drivers. I ran the info tool again and the system ASPI was installed, but still it wouldn’t burn dvd’s. It starts, burns 4% then it fails. This only happens when the files for burning are bigger then 1GB. If the files are smaller it has no problem, the dvd burning process finishes without any errors and the dvd is readable (it’s perfect :)).
The hardware is connected using an 80-wire cable, the dvd-rw is master. The hdd is on another IDE channel.
The operating system is win xp (sp2).

You said it won’t burn DVDs but burn up to 4%, so the dvd media is probably the only weak point in your case.

Thanks chef, I tought the same thing, but it wasn’t. I’ve installed some faulty system ASPI drivers. Now i have Force ASPI 4.60… pobably.
Anyway it’s fixed, and working properly.
Thanks, again.