Big problem - help please



i have just soft modded my xbox…i changed the ip address so i could ftp into it. i had a game on my hdd, i formatted the drives and the when i restarted my box, it freezes or stays atthe opening screen with the xbox logo…what did i do and how can i fix it?


the xbox can’t boot with no data on the c:\ partition


What you should do is get an XBOX bootdisk. These can be made quite easy. You can either choose to burn a CDROM (use a CDRW for best reading capability) with a desktop like EvolutionX on it, or to get a standard XBOX bootdisk. I kinda like Slayers EvoX installer disk (there are some good others btw). These all-in-one bootdisks allow reinstalling an XBOX harddrive and will restore the boot capability. Just remember that you need a mod to make this work, so I hope your mod is working fine.

Oh and before you format your XBOX harddrive, be sure to backup the folders “UDATA” and “TDATA” on drive E:, as all your savegames etc are there!


hi can you get these free and how Can i burn one it would be a greaT help