BIG problem/bug playing video with V-Sync using VMR7/9


Well, here is a problem I’ve noticed for a long time, but now has become important because I use MPC for fansubbed proyections with a lot of people.

The V-Sync in VMR7/9/windowed/renderless seems to not work at all, and it’s most noticeable in flashing scenes or camera movings.

Here are the test scenarios:

Media Player Classic
VMR7/windowed V-Sync don’t works but it’s very little noticeable
VMR9/renderless V-Sync don’t works but it’s little noticeable
VMR7/windowed V-Sync don’t works
VMR9/renderless V-Sync don’t works and it’s the worst
Overlay Mixer V-Sync works always (error: some flying pixels are white, and the resize quality it’s lower than VMR)

Zoom Player 3 and 4:
VMR9 Same as MPC
Overlay Mixer Same as MPC

Microsoft Windows Media Player 8 (XPSP1):
Supposed VMR7 V-Sync doesn’t works too

mPlayer 1.0pre4 in Linux Slackware 9.1:
Using almost all renders Works perfect (equal to Overlay Mixer in windows, but without errors, and better resize quality than Overlay Mixer. Seems to be the best at video playback)

This has been tested with a lot of videos, with this specs, and the results were always the same:
-Athlon XP geForce 2 Ti Samsung Monitor 955DF trying almost all the detonators till today. Has been tested too with the latest unofficial Omega Detonators which allows setting ON/OFF the DirectX V-Sync from Display Properties, being worst when it’s ON!
-Pentium 4 Radeon 9200 with a 17’’ Monitor, and too with 2 different proyectors (and the errors are most noticeable because the size)
-Athlon XP geForce 4 AOC 19’’ monitor, latest detonators too. The same results here.
-Tested with other random computers and configs too.

I remember that in games, DirectX have some errors of V-Sync too, so I’m thinking that this is not limited to video playback. In games using OpenGL the V-Sync is perfect.

So I’m thinking that the problem resides in DirectX and/or VMR, and maybe a workaround or patch to this problem could be implemented.
What do you think guys?

Takeshi Miya