Big pioneer107 problem

First time here, hope someone can help me.
I bought a pioneer dvr-107 3 months ago and everything has been going fine
uptill yesterday.It won’t recognize anything i put in it.Been using nero 6 with
no trouble,but now it comes up with “waiting for the drive to become ready”
and then “the drive is not initializing-perhaps due to a defective disc”. I can-
not see it being the disc as i’ve been using ritek a grade,datawrite yellow and
ritek printable.I can no longer hear the disc spinning ,it is silent with a low clonking noise every 1 or 2 seconds.Updated the firmware to no avail.The pc
recognizises the burner but not any disk’s i put in.
Hope someone can help as i’m stumped.

could be dead, do CD’s work?

that was my first thought. yes cd’s do work.

I have had mine for almost a year and it has slowly but surely recognized less and less discs. Now I get the same problem. It won’t even read store bought movie dvds.

Dead drives.
Go for exchange or warranty case.