Big pink bar?

WHen I play a DVD with DVDGenie/PowerDVD, the picture is cut into three parts, mixed up on the screen, and there’s an enormous vertical pink/light purple bar running from the top of the screen to the bottom.

I even tried playing my DVD’s through Media Player Classic. Same result.

Is this a DVD-ROM problem, firmware, copy protection or none of the above?


only thing i can think of is, is your software updated? You got the lastest powerdvd and the latest graphics card drivers? It may be a decoding problem with your graphics card or similar things happen sometimes if your screen resolution is set to high i think, whats your resolution set at?

Do all DVDs do this on your computer? Is this just limited to a few DVDs? As crustryteacup said, check your video settings and make sure your videocard is not only updated but also functioning properly.