Big Picture Thread

Since there seemed to be no place to link or post big pictures or many small pictures, I thought of creating a new thread. Please post pictures that you took yourself, not those taken from some exotic or outworldly webpages. :slight_smile:

Code65536 has a very cool photography page linked in his signature. I’m not that good at photography and actually never seriously tried to learn the art of photography. Here’s my beginning.

Thousands of video and jpg pictures will be added. My initial goal is one million. The cost of the camera and accessories is too high so the only way to justify it is to take as many pictures and video and let them viewed by as many as possible. On a more personal level, keeping records is something I think is one of the most important things for me to do in my life.

Since the .info domains are free for a limited time, I got these as well.

Yoojin = my daughter’s name
Kenny = me
Elly = my wife
Sooin = my wife’s Korean name
Shin = my family name
Lim = my wife’s family name

There are also one thread for posting one’s own pictures and another for posting children’s pictures. This thread is good for family, pet animals, mountains and rivers, cars and computers, and everything else of interest to oneself.

Some NEC ND-1300A bulk drives.

Some Princo DVD-RW 2x media in 50-disc cakebox packing.

Where I live from April 3, 2004 till today. Not sure when I can move.

From the balcony of one of the rooms.

One of the Toshiba notebook wholesalers in Seoul.

A lot of Lite-On DVD writers and other optical drives.

More boxes at the former Lite-On service center in Seoul. Some of them were empty and just used for display.

One of my fomer collegues when I worked at another office in early 2003 but is too shy. After starting to work for the Lite-On distributor, he was attacked on open boards and not-so-open places by competing companies and people related to them, when he almost stopped posting anything about Lite-On drives.

Hi Kenny,
In one of your pic’s at

Pic no 28, is that a toilet under your desk :confused: lol


IIA (Inchon International Airport) where I worked in late 1999 for some months (on something related to control tower and taxiway.) The airport is approximately 8 kilometers from my home but there is between the two places and since the only way to get there is to use one of most important roads in South Korea, wheelchairs, bicycles, walkers, metropolitan buses are not allowed. The island is not as big as Iceland. IIA is very often used in movies and TV dramas in South Korea.

Made of glass.

Which desk? There’s no desk of mine shown on that page. The one where a girl is working on? That picture’s from the Toshiba office in Seoul. Since it’s an office commonly found in Seoul and especially in a very crowded buildings, there aren’t enough space to store personal things.

Sorry, this desk, bottom left.

My Dell Pentium III dual processor server. On another server were two SCSI HDDs and one of them was an IBM 9GB manufacturered in 1999. In that HDD, most of the DB and tens of thousands web files were stored and imost data are not recovered yet. Both servers are inside a car of my friend Hetfield. He drives the car nearly everyday with the server still in the car that weighs about 1,800 kilograms. Since one liter of LPG gas for automobiles costs about US$0.7 in Seoul and the car consumes one liter LPG per about five kilometer in Seoul where he both lives and works, the heavy servers would cost some money if it continues to reside in the car. These files are in my #3 web server.

Tolkien which I bought in the early 1990s. I didn’t know LOTR would be the most favorite thing for optical disk recording enthusiasts in South Korea 10 years later.

Aha. That’s where Mr. Innundo worked. The office was used as the Lite-On service center in Seoul and he was sort of the manager at the service center. Most South Korean offices are that crowded. I often literally ate and slept on worse desks for days.

It was before my daughter open her eyes to the world.

And more.

My wife sometimes does complain they are not in Korean, but GIGO is worse than NINO for some matters.

Why did they put the airport so far from Seoul? Man was that was a long drive. Did have a good BK though :eek:

You can understand why I never was a supporter of that airport project. It was the biggest construction plan ever in South Korea.

There wasn’t a good reason really. The only big reason I could think of was that big companies like Samsung, LG, Hanjin (where KAL belongs), Daewoo, Hyundai wanted it. Since it was the government’s money, there were not many people who tried to cut cost seriously.

The newer airport in the Tokyo area is also farther from downtown Tokyo. Gimpo airport is just about 30 minutes by subway from the center of Seoul. It takes 30 minutes more to the Inchon International airport. Therefore, there are now new air lines between Tokyo and Seoul connecting directly the two airports that are closer to the downtown, Gimpo and Haneda (羽田). Haneda airport is inside Tokyo city (東京都). IIA and Narita (成田) are located in Inchon city and Chiba (千葉縣) respectively. It wasn’t according to the original plan since the old Gimpo airport is now for domestic flights only and the new Inchon International airport is for international flights only.

South Koreans like home furniture in this style. Large and wooden. Because beds are not always used, many households need large places to store many thick blankets. Like most children, I used to play right inside such pieces of furniture. The one at my wife’s former room in Busan costed US$3K and it was the most expensive thing for her 30 years of life.

Samsung refregerator for Gimchi, traditional South Korean source food. Most are much bigger than this one but I’m not at preparing each meal with Gimchi so even this is big enough. I paid about US$250. Food other than Gimchi are usually stored in another refrigerator of LG brand.

Gimchi looks like this.

When I was younger, I liked cakes more than Gimchi, but a typical South Korean can’t live without Gimchi.

One of my favorite DVD-Video title collections.

Die Another Day.

Rice cooker and a Tefal wireless appliance which now is out of service.

Inchon Airport Town near the IIA, part of the airport complex in Youngjong Island.

Rainbow in Scotland

Some wet rocks

German sculpture promoting eco-friends

Jellyfish in a aquarium

Photo of the ride “Oblivion” at Alton Towers

Blackpool tower

Temples in Malta


Snowing in my hometown (first time in 7 years)



Looking up a cave in Germany

Pink flowers in Scotland

Spic and Span washing up liquid in Germany

Some really old baking poweder found in malta

Parade de la Seine in France (2003 I think)

Flyover in the Parade de la Seine in France

Inside a barn at night

Helocopter in France

A helocopter carryer at the Parade de la Seine

Some explanations would be very helpful.

Thanks a lot to be the first one participating to post pictures after me.



Ben edited his posts adding the explanations. :slight_smile: