[BIG] [off topic] - 177th comic - Garfield and the diet ... [Part 8]

Heya everybody,

here’s a new part of the Garfield diet series… Garfield has some problems with his weight… so perhaps there is a possibility to … well… it has something to do with a scale… you’ll now find out! :iagree: :wink: - get ready!

By the way - I’ve added numbers to ALL comics on the Blindwrite comic website now… Namoh told me that all comics below 50 were not numbered! Now every comic has a number on the website! (that was lots of work :wink:

So then please gimme feedback! :wink:

Lol, this one is nice :iagree: … but doesn’t make it to my list.

This one is ok. :slight_smile:

Have a great weekend!

:stuck_out_tongue: must have been a nice task…
Good job numbering them.
I’m loving the comics :slight_smile: Thanks

Hehe… :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody… the Garfield diet series will end next week so stay tuned before we go back to the Blindwrite classics :wink:

Wishes his scale said that.

Funny though.