[BIG] [off topic] - 173rd comic - Garfield and the diet ... [Part 5]



Heya everybody,

here’s the next part of Garfield’s diet series. This diet is pretty difficult for Garfield but you’ll soon find out what happens next :wink: :iagree:

here we go:

And a happy Monday to everybody!


(2 days until 9th March … if you know what I mean :wink: :iagree: )


Assumption, the mother of all fuckups :slight_smile:

I wonder if he’s really dreaming…


LOL, look how that crazy cat attacks that hamburger. :eek:

Can’t wait for the next comic(s).


Just read the whole Garfield and the diet … series and it’s really great, good job alex :bow: :bigsmile: :bow: :bigsmile: :bow:


LOL :bigsmile:

mmmmmm…giant hamburger… :stuck_out_tongue:


Thats one Giant Burger. Mmmmmmmmm

Great one.