Big nero bug



I ll explain.

i burnt couple of files for my friend multisession and all went well from my harddrive, then i rememembered that i forgot one of the files which was 212MB in size, this file was on a cd formatted by incd latest version. So fired up nero again and chose the file directly from the cd. Guess what?

Nero could not go through incd to read the file, now this i can understand but it went ahead and wrote the disc.
when i went to check the files all files were ok except the one i had just burnt, no matter what exe file i double click on it gave me a "not a valid win32 app" message. Now i understand bad data but when nero cant read the source why does it fill the disc with unwanted crap?????? I would rather it just said burn process not completed coz cant read source and if it has already started burning then it might as well close the session so that the disc does not go to waste......

a Bug


i figured this after i burnt the original wasting space on that cd is stupid but nero should have this like many other burning appz to tell the user nothing valid{data} is there to write rather than writing emtpy files with names and sizeā€¦:frowning: :confused: