Big NEC ND-3520A OEM Newbie



I just bought a:
NEC Black IDE DVD Burner Model ND-3520A - OEM

running windows xp home
athlon 1800+
512+ ram… etc…

this is my first dvd drive. let me apologise in advance, as i’ve spent a good hour searching for answers to my questions (google and here)…

some basic stuff: can i just pop it in and have it work (not talking about slave/master), but in regards to firmware/drivers… since its oem, im not expecting to get any drivers and what not (or will i??)…

basically, whats the process look like? do i need to get firmware, “flash it” and then install or whatever? im sorry, i really don’t know much about this. i’ve searched how to flash the drive here, but haven’t found anything…

a big feature i know i want though is bit-setting as dvd-rom so i can get my dvd’s to play on my ps2 (version4/5, 4 most likely)…

i thank you in advance, and i commend all of you guys here as a lot of newegg reviews credit you guys as being fast, kind, and experts in the field… im not at all a computer and networking newb, but am completely lost in this field… its new, and hopefully i can come out with some knowledge on how this works and what to do. thanks again.

i get the drive in a few days, btw.

cheers! :slight_smile:


Should work as is if you setup it up for master or slave with an EIDE cable properly depending on how you are going to connect it with or without another drive on the same IDE channel. Upgrading the firmware just gets you new media support improvements. Windows XP should on bootup detect the drive automatically if its wired up right.


That sounds good. But, in regards to firmware… Do I have to flash it in order to get it to work, or is it already flashed out-of-OEM-box??

And in addition to that, how would I proceed to get Bitsetting to set the dvd burns to DVD ROM, or is that a default setting…?

Can you or anyone provide me with a link about what flashing is, how to do it (like a newbie guide?), or any links that can help me learn in practical terms? (I’ve found links that give me info on specific flashes, but none on what flashing is, how to do it step-by-step, and in newb terms…)…

And thanks for your reply. I truly appreciate any help I can get here-- All this is quite intimidating.


Welcome to the forum !
As stated, you should be ready to go out of the box. You’ll just need some software to rip and burn. There’s lot’s out there but I’d suggest starting with the free programs first. DVDshrink,DVD Decrypter and Nero seem to be the most recommended. You can find links in the forum.


Your main question, which concerns bitsetting has been ignored so far, so I’ll answer it for you. If the drive is actually a “bulk” version, then it will have the standard NEC firmware in it which will not allow bitsetting on single layer media. If it is a Maddog OEM drive,(or certain other OEM versions) then it may allow bitsetting on single layer.

Assuming it doesn’t allow bitsetting, you can easily flash it to Liggy and Dee’s modified firmware which does allow bitsetting to double and single layer media, bearing in mind that using a modified firmware will invalidate your warranty.

More information and a download link for L&D’s modified firmware (v1.UF) can be found at

The download has two versions of the firmware. One is riplock enabled, so is quieter when using the drive, and the other is riplock disabled, so it is noisier in operation, but much faster when ripping DVD’s.
Each version is an executable file that you run from Windows, so they are very easy to use :slight_smile:


Alright thanks a lot guys… I feel assured that if I do mess up, (particularly looking at a few other cases atm), that you guys will step up and help me out… Good to know, so I’m not as scared as I would be…

I’m still waiting for the fedex… I’ll install it, burn a few rounds, and try it on my PS2 (main reason I want to bitset… If I can’t get the playstation 2 to read it, i’ll try flashing and using bitsetting)…

Unless anyone has tips for playing burnt DVD movies on ps2’s (4/5 generation, most likely 4)…, I guess this will be all.

Thanks again. Cheers!