Big music Vs. individual music lovers

I just posted the article Big music Vs. individual music lovers.

Well here we go again with regards to piracy , but not websites that offer free music along with advertisement

preparing to file copyright-infringement lawsuits against those it determines are…

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Like someone here on CD Freaks said (I forget who,) they wonder why their sales are down. All they have really got to show for those two years are N’Sync and Britney sh*t. :r And as for trying to prosecute the file-sharing networks, I still hold that just like you send email instaed of snail-mail, you share music on the net just as is you lent somebody a CD you bought. Technically, if you read the “fine print” on CDs (and even on DVDs and VHSs) it says you are NOT legaly allowed to lend that piece of material to anyone. :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah, like anybody follows that rule. We’ve already heard about the “dummy-files” and even encountered them. The only way to aviod them (aside from legal action on the part of the file-sharing networks) is to listen to the songs WHILE you are downloading them. Like previewing. In WinMX ( you can open the file while it’s downloading, so you can see if it’s real or not. If you find a user who is sharing dummy files, send him/her a message telling them about it; and if they’re sharing tons of them, YOU’VE JUST FOUND AN RIAA AGENT. Congrats. Now go and harass them to their grave. :d gREeTz :stuck_out_tongue: nExusJ

Once again I wish the music file swappers the best of luck! The record companies will never be able to file a lawsuit against individuals. ISPs won’t be stupid enough to betray their customers at least I think anyway. Remember ISPs it would be very wrong to betray your customers and risk getting an absolute innocent individual in trouble. Ha Ha Ha it is already very difficult to trace an individual MP3 provider. I would say that the absolute innocent person is pretty secure from becoming victimized by evil prosecution from the selfish mean record companies. What someone shares on the Internet is a private business and nobody’s business but their own.

“…introduce legislation to protect copyright owners from the legal backlash that might result from damaging private databases or operating systems”, what the fuck? Should they be allowed to hack into my computer and destroy my os/mp3s and get away with it just because they find some of their music on my machine? How do they know if I bought the CD’s and ripped them for personal use or not? And anyhow, is the filesharing really illegal or is it the downloading that’s illegal? I don’t actively push out my mp3s to other people, and at least here in Sweden you are allowed to make personal copies to yourself and close family if I’m not completely mistaken. So what if I for example wanted to share some music with my brother and used one of these filesharing clients to do that. Is it my fault if someone else than him download the stuff I shared?

Have the record companies actually considered the possibility that consumers are spending their cash on other forms of entertainment? The emergence of the DVD, Playstation 2, XBox, Gamecube etc … could mean people might just be buying films and games instead of CDs, as they represent better entertainment value than a CD that has a couple of good songs on, and the rest is just filled up with crap. Have the record companies also considered the quality of their products? Boy/girl bands a-plenty, r&b and dance music everywhere and not one ounce of originality or creativity amongst them. Maybe people are just bored of the same old music being released.

So what if they hack are systems with viruses. Just keep a good backup of your Operating systems, and program, and your MP3. Like me, if they put a virus on my computer, I could be reinstalled and up and running again in an hour or two. I just watch TV while the OS reinstalls. And I still have my MP3’s backed up to CD. So I just keep playing them.

If they hack my computer… then I hack them back

I hardly buy cd’s anymore. But then I haven’t dl a complete album and burned it as a cd in a long time. My interest has shifted towards buying dvd movies and dvd-a discs. So I’m spending the same amount, or even more, of cash on media but not on audio cd’s anymore. If I had bought every cd that looked interesting to me, I wouldn’t have the cash to buy dvd’s or dvd-a so the earnings of the companies are the same but the balance has shifted.