Big music store (websites) in UK?

I’m trying to order some CDs that were reissued in the UK on November 17, 2003. I’d like to know what are the sites you guys in Britain use to order music CDs? Of course I know Amazon, but they’re being a bitch about it and now have them listed as discontinued

I believe this one is UK:

I mistakenly subscribed to one a few years back (didn’t read the T&C properly…a lesson I have since learnt). You can get CDs from them for as cheap as GBP£7 or USD$10. I even got a free CD player when I joined.

The catch is that you have to order several regular priced CDs from them annually. They can be anything from £15-£30. If you quit you have to pay a penalty fee that is equivalent to an annual purchase of regularly priced CDs, so it can go into a few hundred £££’s for quitting.

I won’t be naming that company because it isn’t even worth the (digital) paper it is written on.

Just be careful with all the ‘Join and get this free’ deals because if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Consumer law in the UK does not protect the consumer as much as in the US :frowning: