Big liteon problem

I got problem with my liteon!!

ABit kr7a Raid
512 ddr
sound blaster live 5.1
geforce 2
Windows Xp corp

LTR-32123S firmware: XS06

I have closed all progy’s down and ran flash utility but I get to about 95% done then get message saying flash failed to flash Bin and dram, the only reson I wanted to update was I have cd eject problem, and its not the power suppy, Also if the flash failed will my Liteon still work half sharp or does it still need flashing and can you tell us if the new firmware R32XS0U1 still let you burn SD2
version 2.51 or any sd2 for that matter.

oh and I take it this message

This flash utility only supports LTR-32123S firmware : XS01-XS9Z

Means any firmware in between though revision or does it mean just them two revisions XS01-XS9Z .

Please someone help !!!
:frowning: :frowning:

Did you also turn off dma before the flashing?Is your bios virus protection enabled?
These 2 have to be turned off to flash safely…
Also don’t forget to turn off all your monitoring software:virusscanners,firewalls,backup software,packetwriting software(some of these can only be disabled with ctrl-alt-del)

Thanks mate for the info no I had’nt turned of dma mode off and have’nt cheaked in ctrl alt del section to see if there was any thing else not disable so what i will do is flash it on diff pc that only has windows 98 and no programs on it at mo, can’t go wrong then hopefully.

But one last question can you tell me does it burn SafeDisk 2.51 Protection with new FirmWare as if it don’t whats the newest I can flash it with were it still will.:confused:

Any firmware for the 32123 supports SD 2.51 (since it’s a hardware issue), so you can flash with the latest XS0U…

Hold on a minute…I successfully flashed my 32123S with DMA enabled, InCD enabled, the BIOS antivirus enabled, my Norton firewall and antivirus enabled. No problems flashing whatsoever. I didn’t disable anything before the flash, and everything works perfectly.

I’m running Win2kPro on an Abit KG7-RAID mobo with an XP1800. Stable as all hell, no problems whatsoever. Fast. I’m using the stock Win2k IDE drivers, not the VIA ones.

I’ve also successfully flashed my LTD163 drive on the same system without disabling anything. But then the 163 flashed from a DOS environment, so that would be different.