Big Expectation...Big Disappointment

Well within the last hour i received the 1620 as per delivery date. Installation
wasn’t a problem and XP recognised the drive as being OEM So far so Good.
Upon opening the TRAY to insert a DVD nothing happens the drive tries to
open but can only get as far as 10cm. Tried many many times by pushing the eject button but to no avail. Just requested a RMA so testing this weekend
is definately out. Lets hope the replacement is better.
Not a good start but hey no one DIED.

Had one dead drive too (died after 3 days of use) - sold about 100 drives. So that will be 1% failure so far for the BenQ drives we have sold…

1 out of 100 isnt very good odds.

Leave the tray closed, insert paper clip into emergency hole and pull tray out. Maybe just stuck a little bit, then try with button and see what happens.

1 out of 100 isnt very good odds

Quite true, but until OC-Freak sells 1,000, you wont’ know if that 1% holds steady. It could get worse, or end up being 1 out of 1,000, until they sell 2,000 or more.

If he had only sold 10, and one of those was the bad one, you wouldn’t really think the odds ARE 1 in 10, would you?

True, but I checked with a larger dealer (unfortunately they don’t carry BenQ).

But here is the failure percentages they reported:

AOpen: 4%
NEC: 0,47%
LG 1,82%
Plextor: 0,63%

Unfortunately that were the only brands with failure info on.

very interesting statistics OC-Freak, thanks.

Aopen is as high as expected. When they used Ricoh as there maker of cdrw drives failure rates were high, drives would stop burning etc, the company hasnt recovered from the high failure rate of their drives.

Shoulda got the NEC 3500…

With which “hacked” firmware version? It’s an awesome drive - isn’t it?

I like DEE and her firmware. :bigsmile: LD V2 beta 4

Thanks. :cool: