Big DMA Problems

When I switch on DMA on my optical DVD-RW drive which supports DMA cause I used it in my old computer, now I get these errors all over the CD/DVDs that there is an error in the I/O when I try to access some files and folders.
When I switch it to PIO it’s solved again, but PIO isn’t what I want.

It started when I built my new PC, my old never had this problem. It’s a ABit KN8 motherboard with NForce4, I just can’t get the damn thing to work in DMA like it’s supposed to.

Now I have a few questions on this:

My only IDE unit now is my optical drive, and it is Primary Master on Primary IDE-Channel. My HD is on a SATA channel.
Can it have a bad effect to have my optical drive on the primary IDE-Channel as master?

This is my system:

See anything strange? Well I do, why to I have 3x of all my channels? Shouldn’t I only have 1 Primary IDE-Channel, 1 Secundary IDE-Channel…?

What is this weird phenomenon causing this DMA failiure?

Uninstall them all!


Install the nForce SATA-drivers, but not the PATA (IDE)-drivers. Plug your DVD-RW in the Secondary connector on the mobo (it’s an easy thing to try and it can’t hurt).

See anything strange? Well I do, why to I have 3x of all my channels? Shouldn’t I only have 1 Primary IDE-Channel, 1 Secundary IDE-Channel…?
Simply bacause one of “IDE”-channels is the SATA. (M$ Windoze can play funny tricks with us sometime… :wink: )

Do as suggested by [I]Cressida[/I].
On some setups nVidia IDE drivers can cause you quite much pain. :stuck_out_tongue: Start with windoze (XP) default IDE drivers to start with.

I get no diffrence if I switch to Windows drivers, still that I/O error.
Is it Windows 2000 that is causing this?

[B]UPDATE:[/B] I tried a speed test just to check what speed I had in PIO, that was real crappy by the way. Then I just put it in DMA mode again and tried to do a speedtest, I got a error message that was hard to undestand but I saw the line UltraDMA66. So I went into the system and put down the DMA to Mode 2 which is UltraDMA 33, and now it works fine.

But I still don’t have a reason why UltraDMA Mode 4 (UltraDMA 66) doesn’t worked with either Microsoft or nForce4, my drive supports Ultra DMA Mode 4 I even double checked it today.

Any clues how I can solve this mystery? Can my ABit KN8 mainboard be responsible in anyway?

Have you checked your BIOS to make sure DMA mode is set for IDE channels in there? I know I can choose AUTO - DMA - PIO :slight_smile:

Yes DMA is set to enabled in BIOS, nothing funny there.

Have you tried it on the Secondary IDE Channel? Also, have you tried using a different (80-wire) ribbon cable?

Yes it’s on the secondary channel now.
Are the diffrent cables for Ultra66?

What drive should that be?
Not only the drive but also the mobo, bios and cable has to support UDMA4.

Maybe it’s just a old cable and nothing else.

No, but you may have a bad one or an out-of-spec one, so it doesn’t hurt to try with another. :slight_smile:

80-wire or Ultra ATA 66/100/133 supports UDMA4, 5 and 6
40-wire or Ultra ATA 33 is max. UDMA2

Yep it’s a stupid 40-Wire cable :doh: Well now I know what causes the error :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for the great techical support :bow:

It’s all in a day’s work! :wink:

Bought a 80-Wire cable now and set it to DMA Mode 4 and the drive is now working at 100% of it’s capabilities :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanx for the support guys :clap: